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Apr 07, 2021

Double Duty: Promoting Physical Activity and Tobacco-Free Policy with UTSA’s New Campus Signage

University of Texas San Antonio Roadrunners have a lot to be proud of. Having a strong culture of being tobacco-free since 2013 is among them. Now, 16 new trail signs on UTSA’s campuses are promoting a positive message to live smoke free and stay active.

On the heels of campus smoke-free policy updates made in November 2020 to include vaping devices, university leadership wanted to spread the word. It began with the UTSA Vice President of Business Affairs (VPBA) Strategic Communications team creating a marketing campaign and webpage to spotlight the new Vape-Free Campus policy. It all came together when a partnership with the team at the University of Texas Center for Health Communication (CHC) resulted in a new campaign motto: “Tobacco Free How Roadrunners Should Be”.

With the campaign ready, it was time to take it to the trails with signs promoting the new motto and campus smoke- and vape-free policies. The CHC designed the signs, San Antonio’s Cold Fire Brand Imaging and Signs produced them, and they were installed throughout campus by UTSA’s Facilities Operations and Maintenance team in January 2021. Promoting physical activity and the new tobacco policy, the signs serve as trailheads for a walking trails system developed by the UTSA Wellness Team.