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Eliminate Tobacco Use New Jersey was founded by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the New Jersey Prevention Network alongside the New Jersey Department of Health. The coordinating organization is New Jersey Prevention Network’s Tobacco-Free for a Healthy New Jersey.

Over 70 attendees from 10 colleges and universities attended the third ETU New Jersey Summit in 2021. There was a special workshop session on enforcement, titled “Strengthening Smoke & Tobacco-Free Policy Compliance” presented by California Youth Advocacy Network, which focused on creating a culture of compliance on campuses. NJ college participants shared their success stories of implementing a tobacco free policy and provided ideas to others to aid in their policy implementation process.

2022-2023 MEMBERS

Megan Biemesderfer
Prevention Specialist
The Center for Prevention and Counseling

Kim Burns
Tobacco Free For a Healthy NJ Tobacco Programs Coordinator
Atlantic Prevention Resources

Corey Donetz, MA
Assistant Supervisor
Partners in Prevention Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute

Irakli (Eric) Kakauridze, MPH
Tobacco Programs Supervisor
New Jersey Prevention Network

Elise McGaughran
Tobacco Free For a Healthy NJ Northern Regional Programs Coordinator
The Center for Prevention and Counseling

Ashley Smith, CHES
Prevention Associate
New Jersey Prevention Network

Yousrah Younous
Prevention Associate
New Jersey Prevention Network

2022 Summit Agenda


Project coordinator: Ashley Smith


Eliminate Tobacco Use New Jersey will hold a summit on April 28, 2023. Learn more.